Youth Ministry

IMG_20130723_141038_595Community Baptist has partnered with Young Life Canada, a Christian outreach ministry for teens, to serve Grade 7-9 students of our community and the surrounding area.

Young Life provides healthy, creative fun. From weekly clubs, to seasonal camping experiences and outings with leaders, this non-denominational ministry meets teens where they are and builds relationships with them.

We believe that teens want more out of life than just “fun and games”, and that they are searching for true meaning in life. Our goal is to help them discover their unique, individual purpose in Jesus Christ. Through the relationships built and in the context of their daily lives, the good news of Jesus is being shared. During informal conversations (in the coffee house or on the basketball court) and in group events where planned Bible talks take place, the life and teaching of Jesus is shared relating to teen issues and concerns. It is exciting to see these teens discover the relevance of Christ for their lives.

2 thoughts on “Youth Ministry

  1. Devan Green says:

    My name is Devan Green I am the Youth Pastor of Gateway Family Church in Leduc. Myself and our Executive Pastor Paul Drader have the privilege of leading Youth Camp at Mooselake Pentecostal Camp this summer and we wanted to extend the invitation to the youth in your church. We would love to see as many teenagers from the region as possible have a great Youth Camp experience this summer.
    If you have any teens interested please pass along this link

    Thanks for your time.
    Have a great day!


    • comms1 says:

      Thank you for the invitation. The Young Life Ministry is attending the Junior High Camp at Rockridge Canyon July 11-17th. Obviously a conflict with the dates, but I have passed the information along to our youth worker, Todd Sutherland.


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