Women of Faith and Action

Women of Faith and Action strives to be more than just a social club, but have a lasting impact on the women of our church and community.  We are inspired by courageous and determined women who have overcome all of life’s many circumstances.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share Christ with those who don’t already know Him.  And, we want to create opportunities in our community to serve, to make a difference – big or small, and to do it with the love of Christ in our hearts.

Our mission is twofold:

FAITH!  To love and support the women of our church and community, encourage faith development – including faith in our homes, and help women grow in their relationship with Christ.

ACTION!  To serve our women and families, our church and our community, by assisting in the planning and preparation of events women enjoy throughout the year – activities within our church and in our community.

Whether you’re single, married, family-focused, a high school teen, college and careers, middle-aged or more experienced, we hope you’ll join us for as we learn and make a difference in our community.

Check us out on Facebook for the last info about this ministry:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/174366596028179/.

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