At Community Church we encourage service. From children’s ministry to mission, from Sunday morning worship to just doing your regular job, there is something for everyone who wants to plug in and participate. We believe this to be an important part of our lives as disciples of Jesus.

The first step is to consider ways in which God has gifted you. Are you good with youth? How about finances? Do you like to cook? What gives you life?

Next look at ways God has provided for you. Do you have specific skills that you can teach? How about a network of people in your life that could be engaged to help someone in need? Are you retired? Do you have experiences that others could benefit from hearing? Where do you work?

Finally, consider what gives you joy. Do you like to sing or play an instrument? Are you handy with tools? Are you good at business? Are you into traveling? Coffee or tea (or neither)?

Write all of this down and then fill out the form. We would love to chat with you about ways you can serve, both inside and outside of the church.