Covid-19 Update

Message from Pastor Duane (May 19):  With recent Covid-19 changes made by the Alberta Government, we are now able to have a small group of people join us in the morning on site during the live stream Worship service.  There are some restrictions being enforced by the province (see Alberta Worship Service Restrictions) but we would love to have as many as we are able in the house with us so we can worship together.  Please note, that not all of us will be able to attend, nor will all of us feel comfortable doing so. Please know that we share in the disappointment that we cannot all be together, the frustration that some are being prevented from coming who would prefer to do so, and the understanding for any who are not yet feeling it is safe to venture out. Please enjoy our live stream Worship services until the day comes when we can gather without restriction.  Should you have any questions or need assistance with registration please reach out to me.  I would love to help. / (780) 999-6527

To attend an upcoming service, register at FSCBC Event Registration.

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