Praise and Worship!

Community Baptist Church is a community of believers who meet weekly to worship God, grow in our faith, build friendships, and encourage one another in our daily walk. We believe that worshipping God should be a joyful and encouraging experience that celebrates Jesus’ love for each of us… He wants us to have a loving, personal relationship with Him.

Sunday Worship Service @ 10:00 a.m.

If you like participatory worship, you’ll enjoy Sunday mornings at Community Baptist. Join us for inspirational worship – a blend of contemporary and traditional praise led by our Worship Band, Scripture readings, congregational prayers, and practical Bible Talks for everyday living. Since we believe that Worship is the activity of the people of God, our congregation does not sit passively, but joins in music, leading and reading the Bible, and praying the Litanies together.

We celebrate Holy Communion the first Sunday of every month, and on Good Friday. At this time we join together affirming our faith with Christians around the world, confess our sins, and given thanks to our gracious God for His wonderful forgiveness. Holy Communion is open to all who confess faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and a great experience of God’s presence in our midst.

Sunday Morning Children’s Programs

Children matter to God, and they matter to us, too! We have a growing number of children blessing our church family. Sunday mornings is a family-friendly time. Children join their parents for the beginning of our Worship service. Then, following Children’s Time, the youngsters go down to the Lower Hall for age-appropriate ministries that give them the opportunity to learn about and believe in Jesus.

Nursery (newborn – 2 years old) – We have a well-equipped, safe and supervised Nursery for our little angels to enjoy. Games, toys, books and friends are a great way to spend a Sunday morning, while parents focus on the Worship service without worrying about their children.

Little Critters (3-5 years old) helps preschoolers experience Jesus as an active, loving person by feeling secure when they hear about him; a big issue when you’re small. Preschoolers love action. They want to play, sing, dance, write their names, and create and recreate games and stories. How fitting, then, that these same children are able to learn that God and Jesus are active, present and can do amazing things! Jesus doesn’t merely exist – He walked on water, calmed storms, healed sick people, and came back to life. He even continues to love and help us today.

Big City Studios (Grades 1 thru 6) – Kids need to know what God is like! Is He distant or close? Is He nice or mean? Is He weak or strong? Does He forgive or does He hold a grudge? What is God like? That is the big question. Answer it clearly and you will point kids in the right direction. We invite kids in Grades 1 thru 6 to join us as we have fun making a movie in our production studio located in the Lower Hall.


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