Welcome to Community Baptist Church

We are a diverse, loving and caring church family at Community Baptist Church!

We come from different geographical locations, different cultures, and varying beliefs.

We’re both traditional and contemporary, because we like the best from old and new.

We will love and support you just the way you are:  young, middle-aged or elderly; single, married or single again; rich or poor; religious or no church background at all… wherever you are in your life and faith journey we want you to feel part of our family.

We recognize the importance of family, of all different shapes and sizes, and we love children. Children are important and that is why we have great ministries for them.

And, we want to nurture everyone in their relationship with God and in their ability to serve Him. No one is left out by Jesus in His call to follow Him!

True relationships don’t end on Sunday, but begin there. So be yourself and be accepted in our family – God’s family!

Community Baptist Church isn’t perfect, BUT we are a good place to belong!

Our Purpose

A church for the unchurched

 Our Vision

“An accepting and caring community, discipling Jesus’ followers to do good in their homes and in the world.”

 Our Values

Community. Discipleship. Mission.

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