Welcome to Fort Saskatchewan Community Baptist Church

Church 2017

Community Baptist Church is a loving and caring community of Christian believers.  We are all on a faith journey, and we grow spiritually by taking intentional steps one day at a time.

Whether you’re… young, middle-aged or a senior, single, married or single again, rich or not, different upbringings, different faith backgrounds or not faith backgrounds at all… wherever you are in your life and faith journey, we are here to love and support you!

We want to nurture everyone in their relationship with God and in their ability to serve Him.

True relationships don’t end on Sunday.  They begin there.  Be yourself and be accepted in our family… God’s family!

We’re a good place to belong!

 Our Vision

“An accepting and caring community, discipling Jesus’ followers to do good in their homes and in the world.”

 Our Values

Community. Discipleship. Mission.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Fort Saskatchewan Community Baptist Church

  1. Teresa Degraaf says:

    We will be in the Fort on Saturday for. Month. We were looking g for a Seder meal to attend or are we too late? If we are too late is there a place we could find out more about the Jewish feast?


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